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Kayleigh Ferrani about entrepreneurship and motherhood, and the future of Seabass

Mar 8, 2024 - International Women's Day

In a conversation with FashionUnited, Kayleigh Ferrani, creative director and co-founder of Seabass, reveals the journey that led her from personal passion to the creation of a leading family brand. From sunny Barcelona, she shares how her deep-rooted love of fashion, mixed with the challenges and joys of motherhood, inspired Seabass - a swimwear brand that pairs style with functionality and protection.

Kayleigh's love for fashion is deeply rooted. "Fashion has always been an intrinsic passion," she says, emphasizing how fashion can be an expression of one's identity and values. This passion, combined with motherhood, led to the creation of Seabass. Faced with the challenge of protecting her son Bass from the sun while wanting to dress him stylishly, the idea for UV-protective swimwear with a ready-to-wear look was born. "That gave me the idea for UV-protective swimwear that also looks stylish," Kayleigh says.

One unique perspective Kayleigh emphasizes is the importance of authenticity in leadership, regardless of gender. "I very much believe that you just have to be yourself above all else," she says, pointing out the importance of following your own path and vision, without being limited by traditional gender roles. This philosophy has helped her overcome both personal and professional challenges, always staying true to her own values and beliefs.

"Everything starts with yourself. Know what you stand for and work hard."

Kayleigh finds inspiration in style icon Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel, who transformed the fashion industry with her approach to comfortable elegance. "She introduced comfortable elegance at a time when it was not common," Kayleigh notes, pointing to the importance of confidence and comfort in fashion.

For women considering entrepreneurship, Kayleigh stresses the importance of self-esteem and self-respect. "Everything starts with yourself. Know what you stand for and work hard," she advises, encouraging women to follow their passions and create their own path. This advice not only reflects her own journey, but also serves as a powerful reminder that success often begins with the courage to be authentic and stay true to your own values and beliefs.

When asked how she balances her role as a mother with running a successful business, Kayleigh admits that there is hardly any balance at all. She explains that it is mostly about combining these two aspects of her life, working twice as hard and smart to be as efficient as possible with the 24 hours each day offers. Frankly, she adds that for her, motherhood is a gift and entrepreneurship is a conscious choice. "My children always come first," she emphasizes. This perspective forms the basis of her business philosophy and life choices.

"Motherhood is a gift and entrepreneurship is a conscious choice."

End of June, Seabass will introduce its first women's collection. This collection promises to deliver the signature stylish and protective swimwear, emphasizing elegant designs that mothers and daughters can match. "The collection exudes effortless elegance, with designs that cover the shoulders and feature high-necklines," says Kayleigh.

With the future looking bright, Kayleigh speaks excitedly about the transformation of Seabass from a kids brand to a family brand. "By adding men and women, I’m creating a family brand instead of a kids-only brand. It aligns so nicely with what we stand for as a family ourselves. Seabass is not just Kayleigh, but Seabass is really Barry and Kayleigh and the kids," she explains. "We also involve our kids a lot. We have them on set during photoshoots, they appear in campaigns, we bring them to the office, and I even include their opinions in children designs. So it really is a family business. And so we as a family can really give something to families."

"By adding men and women, I’m creating a family brand instead of a kids-only brand."

Kayleigh's journey with Seabass is an inspiring example of how passion, innovation and motherhood can merge into a successful venture that challenges and enriches the fashion industry. Her story highlights the importance of authenticity, perseverance and the power of a clear vision.