The idea was born on South Beach Miami, summer 2019.  The then 2-year old Bass was enjoying his time at the beach. His parents – Barry and Kay – watched his vulnerable little shoulders turning red again and felt bad for their little boy to disrupt his moment of fun. In stead of facing another day of using sunblock three times an hour, they decided to buy the little boy a UV shirt with the highest UPF. But a fashionable or elegant UV shirt was nowhere to find. For practical reasons they bought a surf tee with UV protection and at the same time they were thinking: something this functional, should be fashionable as well, right?

The idea: shirts with the highest UPF, suitable for swimming, light and comfortable to wear, fashionable and elegant in polo style. Combined with suiting swim shorts for a complete look. With amazing view on the beautiful ocean the foundation stone of a sustainable swimwear brand for kids was laid. That the collection should be sustainable, was a given fact. Owning and creating a fashion brand has always been a dream for the Van Ruivens, that it contributes to a better world is a intrinsically linked mission.

Within a year the brand and their first collection of uv swimwear was launched. Now the collection has expanded with more ‘vacation essentials’. Seabass dresses the next level kid. The kid that just wants to have fun, is conscious with their style and loves their planet.

The next step is to bring Seabass to the next level and to grow the community of next level kids. To increase brand awareness, to grow distribution, to create touch points and to keep developing new collections.

Let’s keep our beaches and oceans clean, with and for our children, so our next generation can enjoy clean beaches and oceans filled with life.