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One outfit for the whole day

Boys UV Swim Set

Jan 25, 2024

At the heart of every sunny escapade lies the need for the perfect outfit that seamlessly transitions from endless swims to a beach lunch and everything in between without the need for changing. Our carefully curated matching UV swim sets for boys are a mix of comfort, style, and sun protection that promises to be the go-to for your little one on summer days. Our UV swim sets redefine swimwear for boys by combining the functionality of UV swim shorts with the versatility of UV shirts.

A ready-to-wear UV swim set

Are these shirts made for swimming? Yes, even the most sophisticated-looking kids' shirts are made for swimming. The quick-drying feature ensures that your kid stays comfortable whether they're in or out of the water. But it’s not just a swim set; our matching UV sets are designed to seamlessly transition from the beach or pool to all other outings - whether you’re going for a city still or family lunch at a restaurant, suitable for all summer activities, ensuring your kid looks effortlessly chic wherever they go. 

Our matching swim sets are a thoughtfully curated combination of UV swim shorts and a choice between one of your favourite UV shirts. It simplifies your kid’s wardrobe - and so the amount you have to pack - since it’s the only swimwear you’ll need. There are endless mix-and-match options; whether you like it ton-sur-ton with our solid colours that have magical power to go well with anything, or one of our exciting prints. The hand-drawn designs are inspired by the most beautiful summer destinations, which makes each style unique. 

Why a boy swim set is so important?

Sun Protection at its Best: A boy swim set is so important because they are designed to protect our kid’s skin against harmful sun rays with the highest protection factor. These rays can potentially lead to skin burns, skin ageing, and skin-related conditions. UV rays are the most preventable main cause of skin cancer. A regular t-shirt does not provide sufficient protection, the protection factor is only between 2 and 10. Seabass UV swimwear protects you with factor 50 and blocks 98% of all UV rays. With UPF 50+ protection, your kid can enjoy maximum defence against harmful UV rays all day long. Plus, there’s not only no need to hassle with constantly reminding your kids to apply sunscreen but it also leads to significant savings on sunscreen products, win-win!

What makes our Boy UV Swim Set so comfortable?

At Seabass, we believe that softness is the key to comfort. That’s why we handpicked only the most luxuriously soft fabrics for our boys UV swim sets. They’re not only lightweight and breathable - the swim shorts also come with one of our most cherished elements: a butter-soft inner brief (lining). We’ve designed the UV Swim Sets to be so comfortable, your kids never want to wear anything else. It ensures it won’t cause any itching or discomfort, even during the most playful adventures. 

How our UV Swim Set is made

Seabass UV swim sets are made of 100% recycled polyester and consist of 70% SEAQUAL®. SEAQUAL® YARN is one of the most certified, earth-friendly fibres in the world. Its high-quality recycled polyester yarn is made with Upcycled Marine Plastic recovered from the oceans. The SEAQUAL Initiative, behind this magic, cleans up the plastic ocean and produces a yarn out of this waste which is used in our UV swimwear. So by wearing Seabass swim sets, you contribute to preserving natural resources and reducing the waste in our planet’s water - making it the perfect sustainable kids' swimwear choice.

At Seabass we’re committed to fair trade production; our collections are carefully and honestly handmade in Portugal, ensuring that every piece meets high-quality standards with an entire chain that is based on fair trade production. From start to finish, our items are crafted environmentally friendly, produced fairly and free of child labour.