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The only swimwear you'll need


Feb 28, 2024

Our UV swim shorts are the perfect blend of style, comfort, and protection for all sunny days and here are 10 reasons why it’ll be the only swimwear you’ll need this summer:


Butter soft lining

One of the biggest problems experienced with swim shorts, is the mesh lining that's highly irritating to the skin. In stead of mesh, we created special ergonomic lining, that feels butter-soft to the skin. 


Fast dry

The fast dry finish ensures that our swim shorts dry quickly after a swim, to keep your child comfortable in their shorts whether they're in or out of the water.



Science shows that children who are too much exposed to UV, have a higher chance of skin cancer and other skin diseases later in life. We provide all our swim shorts with the highest UV protection (UPF 50+) so your children can enjoy the sun safely.


Family Matching

Seabass is a luxury brand for the entire family. All our swim shorts are also available for men, and they match with our girls swimsuits. This creates the most adorable picture-perfect summers.


Fairtrade made in Portugal

At Seabass we’re committed to fair trade production; our swim shorts are carefully and honestly handmade in Portugal, ensuring that every piece meets high-quality standards with an entire chain that is based on fair trade production.


Unique hand drawn prints

The hand-drawn designs are inspired by the most beautiful summer destinations, which makes each style unique. The recognizable designs with vibrant colors and unique patterns fit perfectly with the atmosphere of the places where sunshine meets style.


Made of ocean plastic

Our collection is made of recycled plastic ocean waste: SEAQUAL® YARN. Cleaning up beaches and oceans, turn the plastic waste into fabric, create swim shorts out of it, and this way your children can enjoy clean beaches and oceans while wearing their sustainable swim shorts.


Back flap pocket

Our swim shorts feature a back flap pocket with velcro, a functional design: whether it’s for ice cream money or a seashell collection, it keeps their essentials close ;)


Fast sliding

The fabric of the UV swim shorts is so smooth, which makes them the best for fast sliding, so lots of summer fun guaranteed ;)


High Quality

The swim shorts are made of high quality materials that exude elegance and sophistication. The high quality fabric makes them long lasting - even after many dips in the pool, sand and washing.