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Flowers for Valentine’s

Feb 10, 2024

As Valentine's Day approaches, it’s all about love and the vibrant colors of blooming flowers. There's something so special about flowers; they have a timeless charm that never fades away and are one of the things every little girl is amazed by. They have a sense of joy and wonder and It’s the meaningful thought that makes them the always perfect Valentine’s gift.

We’ve selected some of our UV Swimsuits that are adorned with flowers, to bring you in the Valentine’s spirit. Let’s have a closer look at the meanings behind these prints and what they symbolize.


Named after the picturesque town in Tuscany, our Siena print showcases the magical poppy fields that adorn the landscape. These iconic fields have inspired artists, poets, and travelers for centuries. In spring, the landscape transforms into a sea of red, where vibrant poppies dance with every breeze.


In Sardinia, the tropical island paradise nestled in the heart of the Mediterranean, flowers flourish alongside the island's breathtaking beaches, adding a burst of color to the coast. This vibrant girly print captures the essence of the island's natural beauty.


Inspired by the charming city of Florence, where every street corner is filled with flowers. Known as the city where history, stunning architecture, and culture come together, Florence is also recognized as one of the most romantic cities in the world.


Inspired by the artwork of the iconic Franco’s Bar with magical views of the Italian Amalfi Coast, our Positano print captures the azure hues and blooming flowers that make it one of our most beloved designs—a timeless classic.


This print celebrate the unique charm of Taormina and the beauty of flowers in Sicilian culture. Our Taormina print captures the essence of this truly magical town, where flowers adorn every building and their typical Sicilian artwork.


Valencia is known celebrated for its deep-rooted love affair with flowers. Our colorful print is inspired by the flowers that grace its streets and plazas, as well as the traditional floral motifs found on the city's beautiful architecture.

 Discover the magic of blooming love and let our floral prints serve as a reminder of the timeless beauty of flowers - inspiring you in this season of love.