Seabass creates functional fashion in a sustainable way for the next level kid and makes luxurious quality affordable for kids who just want to have fun and care for our planet.

Seabass’s mission is all about letting the next generation enjoy clean beaches and oceans in stylish sustainable swimwear, contributing to a better world.

Seabass aspires to their mission by creating functional fashion made of recycled plastic bottles out of the ocean.


Embrace the different cultures and beautiful natures. Every collection represents world destinations along with its cultures and distinctive elements through prints and designs. In this way the kids are able to blend in their holiday destination and will learn something in a fun and easy way about the places where they’re spending their precious childhood vacations.

When planet earth is taking care of us, we have to take care of planet earth. That’s why we support sustainable production by good working environments and the use of recycled polyester and organic cotton.


  • Ferran Bass is our son’s name. Bass has been our inspiration in founding the brand.

  • Our collection is made of marine litter. The purpose is to have cleaner seas.

  • The brand for the recycled polyester yarn we use is SEAQUAL. The SEAQUAL Initiative is a unique collaborative community fighting plastic pollution.