Seabass is a fashion brand that creates UV-protective swimwear of recycled plastic from the ocean with fair trade production. In addition to a high-quality and stylish collection, Seabass also takes care of protecting the skin against UV and a sustainable and fair trade production of clothing. Seabass creates complete outfits in which you can walk from the sea into the restaurant. It's fast dry, protects you against UV with UPF 50+, wears comfortably and looks stylish. All designs are supposed to be elegant and comfortable. The unique prints are inspired by our beloved travel destinations where there's sun and elegance. A brand of Dutch origin, with happy customers from Paris to Beverly Hills.



Seabass’s mission is all about letting the next generation enjoy clean beaches and oceans in sustainable UV swimwear, contributing to a better world, UV protected and of course, in style.



Why is our brand called SEABASS? Because our firstborn is called Bass. Our son Bass has been our inspiration in founding the brand. Besides, our collection is made of marine litter. The purpose of this is to have cleaner seas, full of life, for our kids and the next generations.