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Wash & Care Guide

#1 First things first!

Before you dive into the pool, make sure to jump under a shower first, your swimwear will thank you! By showering first, your swimwear will absorb clean water, leaving less room for those pesky pool chemicals like chlorine.


#2 During the day

We know you adore the sunshine but keep an eye on color-fade caused by sea water, chlorine, and even sweat!  To keep your swimwear at its best quality, take a break from time to time to rinse it off with a quick refreshing shower.


#3 Sticky sand

We love the beach, and the beach loves our swimwear. After a beach day it’s almost inevitable that sand grains will stick to your swimwear. By tightening the fabric and gently rub it with a nailbrush is the best way to mostly get rid of it.


#4 Rinse & Dry like a Pro!

After each use, make sure to rinse your swimwear in cold water and hang it to dry in a cool, shaded place away from direct sunlight. Trust us, this is very important!


#5 Wash, but with care!

You can wash your swimwear according to the wash instructions in the wash & care label which you can find inside the garment.    


#6 Sunscreen

Applying sunscreen on your exposed body parts is very important, but make sure to avoid contact with the fabric because it can cause stains.


#7 Vanquish stains like a hero!

Oops! Got a stain or discoloring? Wash your garment at 30 degrees with a scoop of Vanish, great chance that this will do the magic.